Large passenger or 15-passenger vans are usually used during the summer and spring by church groups, athletic teams, and day care centers to transport people to different activities.

To prepare for the busy spring and summer travel season, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provided some warnings to remind passengers and motorists about the risk of rollover accidents involved by large vans.

Properly load passengers

According to NHTSA, large vans like 15-passenger vans must carefully load passengers and things because overloading can extremely raise the probability of rollover accidents. If the vehicle carries too much weight, it is much difficult to control and is prone to swerve out of control. Loading too much on one side or in the front can also affect the control of the van.

Improperly pumped tires

It can contribute or cause a rollover accident. NHTSA found out that about thirty percent of passenger vans involved in rollover accidents are because of under-inflated tires. If you are a part of a club or organization which uses 15-passenger vans, it is important to check the tires before every trip.

Inexperienced drivers

Inexperienced drivers are also usually involved in 15-passenger rollover accidents. NHTSA recommends that all van drivers would have a commercial license to operate these type of vehicles since they are commonly much trickier to manage.

It is also important that passengers of these vans wear their seat belts at all times. NHTSA wants to point out that there is eighty percent of death injured van passengers in rollover accidents in the past five years just because of not wearing seat belts.


Passengers and drivers of large vans should know the risks of rollover accidents and to call a rollover accident lawyers to seek advice and help in regards to this matter. Just by wearing your seatbelt during the rider, you are already saving your life.