When the carnival comes to town—or when the country fair starts up every summer—children begin to wonder at all fun they are going to have on the day they visit. Of course, this will probably include riding the merry-go-round or a roller coaster or maybe the go-carts.  It might include playing many games to try to win new prizes.  It will probably also include lots of food like hot dogs, funnel cakes, popcorn, and more.

But it might also include face painting.

Kids love face painting!

Yes, Right choice face painting is an excellent idea because it is not just about putting on makeup.  Children can use their imagination to come up with the design they want.  It is interactive and creative and lasts as long as you need it to (usually for a couple hours, till the party is over).  Or maybe they have a favorite character or just want to try something zany. Who knows how they think or why they think it (and does it really matter?) because face paint is fun and very safe.

Parents Love Face Painting!

And that is something that parents love about face painting: it is safe. The makeup is non-toxic and non-permanent.  No matter what amount of face paint your child will wear at a party or for the night, you don’t have to worry about it getting into the skin and affecting their health. Of course, it is important to be sure about allergies, but otherwise the stuff is very safe to use.

But parents also love that face paint is pretty easy to remove. Even some high-end makeup can be somewhat complicated to take off.  This is not generally the case with most children’s face paint: typically, you can remove it with just a towel and some hot water.

Why A Face Painter

Yes, when you look at all of these benefits, in combination, it is pretty easy to see why face painting is such a great addition to any family gathering or big party.  It is a way to keep children occupied and engaged—even when waiting in line—and is a fun and safe way to provide fun outside the food and games.