Undoubtedly the largest challenge merchants have face over the past year has been the transition to the EMV chip readers. Whether you own a business or are simply a patron wanting to pay for their groceries, the uncertain rollout of the readers has taken its toll on everyone. Even if your business has enjoyed a seamless switch to the new processing protocols, it’s important to keep training and information for staff and patrons current while other customer-facing industries catch up to best merchant services practices.

Encourage Every Patron to Use the Chip Reader

During the initial rollout, it was tempting for businesses to disconnect the chip reader and allow the use of chipped credit cards in the old manner, sliding them through the scanner. Some customers may be resistant to inserting their card for the new transaction, but they need to be informed that their credit card and personal information is protected better by the chip technology than through the apparently convenient older systems. It does take time and effort to achieve 100% compliance, but by actively working with the public, you are ultimately protecting your business from attempts to skim customer information off the old readers.

Train Staff to Train Your Customers

How quickly we forget that the world is still switching to the new chip cards. Take some time to run a refresher training session with customer-facing staff to review the reasons that the credit card industry made the upgrades. Review how the chip reader works and ensure that every staff member is able to quickly process a transaction while still adhering to PCI compliance standards. The more information a cashier or clerk has, the better they are able to lead your clients in the use of the secure modern technology.

Report Malfunctioning Equipment

Frustration due to the many demands on a manager’s time can result in new equipment being abandoned in favor of “what’s not broken,” i.e. the old credit card systems, It’s time to review all your locations compliance with the new standards and make sure that improperly installed equipment and software hasn’t resulted in a failure to meet EMV requirements. Once again, proper training and understanding for all personnel handling credit card transactions reduces the chance that new systems are brushed aside. Ensure service support hotline numbers are posted and that management uses the support that is available to them.

It’s difficult to provide the best merchant services for updated and new equipment when such a large rollout of new standards occurs simultaneously around the world. Your continued efforts in ensuring POS systems function properly, that staff training is ongoing, and problems are reported in a timely manner will result in improved consumer security–which ultimately translates into improved profits for your business.