So you know a budget is crucial to keeping your spending in check, but you may not know where to start. Or perhaps you have money stashed on a few different platforms and need a better way to manage everything. Here are the best money management apps so you can get started:

  1. BudgetSimple: Just like the name implies, this is the simplest way of keeping track of your monthly expenses. It’s a no-frills site that helps you identify where you spend the most money and how often, and even alerts you to costly monthly fees on your credit cards you may not be aware of.
  2. Mint: Track your accounts, credit cards, investments, and spending on this app that can be used on any device. Budget in real time or plan out future expenses thanks to a financial overview that makes sense of it all.
  3. You Need a Budget: YNAB for short helps you set and stick to a budget, featuring clear reportsthat show you where your money is at any given time. Handy tools for budgeting are included so you can manage on the go.
  4. Spendee: If you’re going for flash, Spendee is the one to choose. It’s heavy on the design aspect, so it’s a fancier budget and expense tracker than you might find elsewhere. Not only does it show you where you’re spending money, it also helps you make adjustments as needed.
  5. Expensify: Are you a business traveler? With this app, you can snap photos of receipts, track your time, log distance and mileage, and print out the report at your leisure.
  6. Budgt: Designed for college students, this app will keep you operating within strict monthly allocations. College students are well-known for their tight budgets because they usually don’t work as much as someone who’s out of school.
  7. Dollarbird: This personal finance app helps you develop a workable calendar of your expenses to break out and illustrate all your expenditures clearly. You can also use it to predict large expenses that are coming up in the future. For those who want a big-picture view of their finances, this is the app for you.
  8. One Touch Expenser: If you’re a business traveler, you know those expenses can really add up. This is a great app for you to report expenses for tax purposes and for reporting back to your boss.

Some but not all of the above apps let you manage you investments. Perhaps you hire a broker for your stock portfolio management. Be your own watchdog and don’t blindly take advice from your broker on what to do with your money. Read statements carefully and research each investment thoroughly. If you suspect you’ve been taken advantage of, call a trusted securities fraud attorney today.