Branding and brand marketing strategies are an integral part of every business, irrespective of the size of the stated business.


Do you own an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) or a large corporation? If so, what percentage of your time is spent on marketing and advertising? To be very honest, marketing your products or services has to be an integral part of your business strategy. In other words, you need to let your customers know what is in it for them, and why it is in their best interests to purchase your products or services.

How do you notify your customers of your value proposition?

Your customer base is usually notified about your products and services via marketing messages. These messages need to include details about your products as well as ideas on why people should buy your products and services and not your competitors’. How do you get this messages across to your client base? In a nutshell, a brand marketing strategist works for a company who specialises in developing a branding strategy for small business in Sydney like Brand Quest.

What is a brand marketing strategy?

According to Susan Gunelius, a brand strategy is a “long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals.”

In essence, a well-thought out and well-executed brand marketing strategy affects every facet of your business, and it is directly linked to human need and emotion.

In today’s fast-paced online world, it is a challenge to get your marketing message across to your consumer base; consequently, it is advisable to contract a professional marketing company to help you design and implement your brand marketing strategy.


In the meantime, here are a couple of tips to help you develop a marketing strategy:

Define your end goal

When you developing your branding and marketing strategy, it helps to have an understanding of your business’s aims and end goals. In other words, what is your business’s core function? What do you hope to achieve by being in business? Are you selling a service or a range of products? If you haven’t asked and answered these questions when developing your business plan and model, it will be a challenge to run a successful business over a long period of time.

Concentrate on a long-term strategy

It’s important to concentrate on developing a long-term brand and marketing strategy. Concentrating on a short-term strategy as well as your day-to-day tactics is not the way to build a solid brand. A brand takes time to build; consequently, your brand should concentrate on long-term goals and sustainable growth.

Thomson Dawson, Managing Partner of PULL Brand Innovation states that “instead of focusing on short-term tactics, … [employ a] brand architect which [will] enable… [you] to design a lasting structure to bridge brand strategy and brand messaging.”

Maintain a flexible approach

Our modern world is full of surprises; therefore, you need a marketing strategy that is able to

change as the market changes. Your long-term strategy must stay the same, but it must have room for flexibility within the fixed strategy.

Final words

Branding and branding marketing strategies are a vital part of any business model. The Brand Quest website is a useful tool to utilize when deciding which company to partner with.