It’s no surprise to any business owner that the size of their customer base has an enormous impact on the success of their business. By growing your customer base, you can improve your revenue and grow in the market. Let’s look at some simple ways you can grow your customer base below.

Utilize Social Media 

You should have social media accounts on all the most popular networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. Your potential customers are on these platforms many times throughout the day. Why not ensure that you are connecting with them.

By using your accounts, you can engage new customers that are interested in the types of products that you offer. The best part of this strategy is these platforms are free to use. All you should pay for is someone to update your statuses and post engaging content. Ask Website Users’ Opinions 

It doesn’t take very much effort to include a visitor survey on your website. This will allow you to get crucial feedback from the customers who are checking out your services. There’s no better way to learn what potential clients want than to directly ask them.

Integrate with Your Customer’s Procurement Software 

If you operate an online e-commerce website, ensuring your punchout catalog is integrated with your clients and potential clients is imperative. As more and more businesses make the switch to online procurement software to streamline their expense needs, many companies are losing their customers because they aren’t integrated.

You should contact Green Wing Technology to get your punchcard catalog built and integrated with client’s e-procurement system. This will allow you to not only retain your current consumer base but will ensure that you can grab up new clients whose old providers didn’t integrate.

Ask for Referrals 

Many business owners will offer an incentive for current customers who refer new clients to their business. You can use this simple referral program to get new customers in your door. Realize that you don’t always need to offer an incentive either.

If you customers are truly happy with the service that you provide them with, they are going to be more willing to get you referrals without any sort of incentive. Just simply mentioning to clients you are always looking for new clients or posting a sign in the lobby asking customers to spread the word about your business can work wonders.

Go Above and Beyond With Your Customer Service 

Everyone expects a business they are using to provide an adequate level of customer service that fills their need. However, those companies that have employees who go way beyond the expected ‘adequate’ level is something that your clients will always remember.

We are sure there has been a time when you had an astounding experience with a representative from a company that you told your friends about. Whether it was the teller at the bank or the attendant at the gas station when an employee goes above the expected level of customer service you are inclined to tell everyone you know about it.