Online reputation management can be classified into one of three categories depending on the strength of your reputation management strategy. According to, your business’s online reputation management can fit into one of the following four categories or a combination of them; negative results, irrelevant results, results that misrepresent you as a brand because it is not in fact you, or finally, positive and relevant results.

Reputation management company reviews may play a big part in influencing your online reputation management results that shape your brand’s image. Negative results are amongst the worst that your brand can face. If you are the victim to negative results then your brand is not simply faced with one or two negative reputation management reviews, it is bigger than that. Negative content does not need to be in the form of direct reputation management reviews. Because of the developments with the Internet and the introduction of social media platforms, consumers have plenty of opportunities to impact your online reputation management. Your reputation management is constantly at risk of any negative content from consumers online.

Reputation management reviews may be completely irrelevant to your brand and not have an impact on your business. It is information that is neither positive nor negative and does not hurt or help your brand in any way. Your reputation management is not effected.

Your online reputation management may fall into the category of misrepresenting you because you are mistaken for someone with the same name. This person may be the subject of the main online reputation management results that appear. This impacts your own personal reputation management because people wishing to learn more about you through search engine searches may mistake you for someone who dominates the top results.

Finally, if you’re lucky, your online reputation will fall into the category of being positive and relevant to your brand. This is the best-case scenario because that means that any reputation management company reviews that are written about your business are helping you and are positive.