A customary reap celebration of India, Pongal is South India’s response to the well known American occasion of Thanksgiving. Pongal happens in mid January consistently and means the Sun’s northward trip. As indicated by Hindus, Pongal additionally denote the finish of winter and is viewed as the start of a promising period. Being one of the most seasoned Hindu festivals, Pongal celebrations have stayed pretty much the same over every one of these years. Making Pongal with the primary paddy that is gathered, beautifying houses with wonderful kolam designs utilizing rice glue, getting a charge out of different sweet dishes and parading new garments are characteristic for Pongal festivities.

Despite the fact that Pongal began as a basically town celebration, fast urbanization changed the Pongal festivities significantly. In the end, there was a continuous touch of the contemporary in the Pongal merriments. This was valid for the outfits worn on Pongal as well. Despite the fact that the Pavada Davani or the Half Saree, as it is prominently known, remains the most looked for after Indian outfit for Pongal, there is positively a recognizable distinction in the way Pavada Davanis have advanced throughout the years. What used to be basic a basic Pavada Davani or a Half Saree with the exception of an insignificant touch of trimmings, for example, ribbon is currently a greater amount of ethnic and stunning clothing intended to be a selective style articulation for the event. Today, Pavada Davanis display shiny zari woven unpredictable examples like exquisite Silk Sarees. In addition, roused by Designer Sarees, a radical new assortment of Designer half sarees have likewise in the end developed. Creator Half Sarees more often than not uncover the utilization of various textures other than the conventional silks. They are typically made of georgettes and chiffons alongside a touch of embellishments, for example, sequins, globules, zardozi, zari weaving, and so on. The Silk Half party wear sarees are undoubtedly exemplary, however it’s a smart thought to decide on something minimal distinctive this Pongal which would end up being a wonderful astonishment for spectators!