World’s one of the finest producer of nickel and palladium in Norilsk, the NorNickel company declared that their nickel refining work shop is not doing anything great and it will be better if they close their plant as soon as possible.  The refining plant was also attached with a cobalt chlorine refining workshop, on august 24 the both plant was shut down. However, the original declaration for closing the plant was October but the company decides to shut down the plants before its original scheduled time.

  • The reason behind the sudden plant shut down

The company also disclosed the reason behind sudden announcement. They release a statement in which they told that the company took decision for shutting down their refining plant because of various reasons.

 One of the main reasons was that company has joined the UN global compact for contributing help in sustainable development of the area. The UN global compact is working for promoting activities that helps in protecting rights of labour, environment etc. Under this, company decides to take an initiative for helping in controlling the use of sulfur dioxide and other chemical that not only harmful for the nature but also had bad affect on local people. The whole work was for protecting natural resources and controlling the harmful effects that are spreading within the country’s border.

  • What happen after nickel’s plant shut down?

Shutting down the company in Norilsk was counted as one of the biggest positive step toward controlling the environment and nature damage. The company took a great decision in favour of protecting environment from such harmful chemicals as the company also rewarded in Ecological Development Evolution Awards 2016 contest by Sergey Donskoy.  This contest is for those who work in favour of sustainable development in Russian federation and the company won because of its well planned efforts for protecting the city.