Often labeled as the city of ice, bone-chilling winds, and numbing polar nights, Norilsk is the world’s northernmost city that inhabits approximately 175000 people. The foundation of this industrial city was laid down in the 1920s and it thrives from its rich precious metal mines. The temperatures are extreme, to say the least. Norilsk experiences total darkness for roughly two to three months every year and during winters, the average temperature lies somewhere around -30 degree Celsius. Due to unfortunate circumstances during Soviet times, Norilsk was “closed” for those visiting from outside, however,access is much easier now. Norilsk has always been portrayed in a very negative light so it isn’t surprising when it is labeled one of the most horrifying cities of the world. It is a misconception and we are here to change your mind.

The History Speaks within the Streets of Norilsk

Norilsk has a rich history and culture. It is very evident in the architecture and general infrastructure of the city. This city is fascinating for those who admire the arts with its memorials, cathedrals, museums, theaters, and galleries. Historically significant places to visit include the Black Tulip Afghan War Memorial, the Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God Joy of all who Sorrow, the Holy Trinity Church, Monument VechnoZhivym, etc. Norilsk also harbors many galleries and theaters. The Norilsk Art Gallery, the Norilsk Town Cultural Centre, Artistenok Children’s Theater, and the Norilsk Polar Drama Theater should be on your radar if you wish to dwell in the memories and events of the past. The architecture is breathtakingly beautiful with intricately painted, high ceilings, and pillars that reach the sky. The Nurdi Kamal Mosque is also another lesser known attraction. This mosque is said to be the northernmost situated mosque on the planet and is open to people of all cultures and religions.

Winter Sport Extravagance

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of being located under a blanket of snow all year round is an all year round winter wonderland. Norilsk utilizes the harsh climatic conditions to its best. A particular place to visit includes the Kayerkan Region Ice Sports Palace. Along with the sports palace, there is a lot of ski and snow sports tours. These places cater to the needs who love the thrill and adrenaline rush of snow sports.

Norilsk –The Heartland of Event Hotspots and Nightlife

Contrary to popular belief, Norilsk has the kind of nightlife that exudes glamour and extravagance. There are many pubs, discos, and clubs that make Norilsk well known for being a partying hot spot for those who wish to experience the glitz and sparkle of the Norilsknightlife.

The Gorgeous White Nights

The White Nights are a natural scenic extraordinaire that is not one to miss out on. The sun does not set on Norilsk during the summers. During winters, however, darkness takes over and days only last for a mere couple of hours. The strange feeling experiencing something out of the norm is truly fascinating.

Norilsk has been a victim of simple stereotyping. There is so much people miss out on the second they claim Norilsk to be a gloomy, cold, city with nothing to experience. On the contrary, this city offers a wide array of attractions for just about everyone. The place is best for vintage, rustic destination weddings, family holiday’s itinerary, and so much more. You just have to visit to believe it! Spend this year’s vacation on this wonderland for an amazing trip of a lifetime.