Another useful feature on the IQ Option platform, which makes life easier for traders, is the economic calendar. Its ease of use can underestimate the possibilities and necessity, but in fact, this is not the case. The economic calendar will help the trader to follow all the trends of the market economy. Why is this necessary? The answer to this question is quite simple.

Binary options often positioned as trading on the exchange with simplification. A piece of truth in such a judgment is, especially if it has just planned to try or indulge. The reality is that you want to be successful, you need to work more and quick options are no exception, and an economic calendar can be a good assistant in this work.

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The fluctuation of prices in the market is a fairly frequent process, which can be caused by completely different factors. Politics, economics, buying or selling assets, news flows and other processes can play a significant role in the fluctuation of these or other pairs. Especially it is necessary closely to follow the news. Many traders start trading after the release of fresh news. Of course, we are talking about large-scale changes, not small ones. Here it is worth noting that traders divided into two types – those that always follow the news, and those who do not pay much attention to them or do it selectively. In order not to clutter up your brain analysis, unnecessary data IQ Option Platform offers traders to use the economic calendar. He will constantly monitor news flows and notify you and them. The case will remain for small – weed out the unnecessary.

Economic calendar – it is not only useful, but also a fairly simple thing that can be easily customized. You do not need to download the program to a computer, tablet or phone, because it is built into the platform. Setting up the economic calendar consists of several consecutive steps:

  • Time setting. The bid time – an important factor should always be very accurate.
  • Filtering. You can receive notifications from the most interesting news first.
  • Effectiveness. Positive or negative changes can be marked in different colors.

Economic calendar – is the page that will appear as a news list, which will be immediately displayed their positivity and interest fluctuations. In addition, you can see a brief description of the news. For example, the fluctuation of currency pairs deciphered into columns with information on the actual value of the currency, and then there will be a predicted jump in its value and a bid offer. Thus, trading binary options can become more efficient and faster.