T-shirts are a common men’s wear preferred by almost all. They are known for their comfort and versatility. Getting the coolest t-shirt today is again no more a hassle with so many online stores at your service. You get all the trendy designs right at few clicks. As Christmas is knocking at the door, why not try out creating a unique style statement with t-shirts? This article aims at helping you out to wear your favorite t-shirt for the Christmas party in style.

Few Style Considerations For This Christmas

The first and foremost thing you need to pay attention as you buy t-shirts online for this Christmas party is “collar.” It is essential to match the collar when layering. In case you are putting on a jacket with collar, the t-shirt you are wearing must feature the shape perfectly. Here are some common questions answered to help you create your style statement.

  • Should You Go With A V-Neck Or Crew Neck?

Crew necks are considered perfect for men possessing sloped shoulders or small chest. This is because t-shirts in this neck design create an illusion of broad shoulders. Hence your body looks in portion. On the other hand, t-shirts in V-necks are apt for men with short height as these tees create the illusion of height and length by elongating your neck. They also balance the look of those men who possess narrow faces and long necks.

  • Should You Go Ahead Tucking In Your Tee?

Generally no. For a Christmas Eve party, it is not necessary to tuck in your t-shirt. Tucking in is recommended when you are wearing the t-shirt as a part of your office or school uniform. However, the tucked in style do work perfectly with polo shirts coming with short sleeves.

  • How To Pair Up The T-Shirt For The Party?

For grabbing the heart of the ladies out there in the party, you can pair up your t-shirt with a pair of cool jeans and boots. This is considered the most effortless look a man can have. As another option, you can put over a jacket or checked shirt or cardigan over your t-shirt and pair it up with denim (dark) and monk straps.

Final Say

As you purchase t-shirts for this Christmas, do ensure to take into concern the fabric and color. It is good to play with colors but keep a note of your skin complexion to avoid ending up with a disastrous choice.Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.