Planning to apply for a job? With the tough competition these days, you have to excel in every way. You have to make sure that the hirer can right away set you apart from the rest. One way of letting them know how professional and passionate you are to your craft is to dress appropriately.

But how should a job applicant dress up?

Research about the dress code of the company you are trying to be a part of

Most of the time, companies vary in dress codes. Thus you have to do your own research so that you will fall into their dressing rules. This is also a way to show your resourcefulness that even if not told directly, you were able to comply with one of their rules.

If you are applying for a casual job, dress in business casual attire

When you are applying for positions such as repairman, janitor and other similar jobs, and you are a woman than you should not dress as a manager. They might silently laugh at you as you are definitely overdressed. In short, you should also consider the kind of job you are applying. This should be considered in your research. You have a option of searching dresses online.

Tone down on accessories

Though accessories are a must to complete your outfit especially for women, still you have to keep them to the minimum. Too much use of accessories might only make you look weird and can even distract your outfit. Besides, if you are only applying for a casual job, the hirer might find you overdressed again.

Don’t be too casual

Even if you are just dropping your application like you are still not scheduled to be interviewed, still you shouldn’t be too casual where you will just wear pants or slippers or sleeveless shirts. Your employer might question your professionalism. If you have tattoo and body piercings, you have to cover them.

Look polished

Yes, you should definitely look polished even if you are just applying for a casual job. You can wear pants if it is part of the company’s dress codes but your top should be not too casual. Never use flip flops.

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