Choosing to become a florist is a rewarding experience that can be financially beneficial, fun to do and satisfying. If you like the idea of flower arranging and making bouquets, then choosing to become a florist is a smart move – but where does one start?

The London Flower School is based in the world’s most creative capital, where you can enrol on a series of courses – some lasting just a week with others more involved and can go on for an entire month.

The one-week course shows students the basic techniques of becoming a florist and stretches to showing your teacher your very own style. Being a florist is a creative art form, must like being a landscape artist, photographer or creative writer. Rarely will you find a style that is exactly the same as someone else’s.

At the flower school you will learn how to express your own designs and styles. However, the classic florist techniques (that should always be adopted) will kick-start the course. You will also the learn how to do table styling. Ceremonies and weddings are popular events where flowers play a major part and getting the style right and maintain a creative design is paramount. The one-week course will teach you all this, as well as allowing you the freedom to do your own thing.

The one-week course runs on the following dates in 2017:

  • 10 July to 14 July
  • 4 September to 8 September
  • 30 October to 4 November

A £250 deposit secures your place and full payment for the one-week course costs £1600.

A two-week course costs £3000 and focuses on weddings and events. You will still enjoy the techniques applied to basic floristry and you will then learn how to create over-the-arm bridal bouquets, classic focal displays, modern floral crowns and table styling.

The two-week course runs for three fortnights beginning on 17 July, 11 September and 6 November. A deposit of £500 secures your place.

The Career Course

The Career Course is a four-week long floristry course that covers the entire scope of floristry. From the very beginning you will learn about classic styles and techniques, create a huge floral display, and make classic hand tied bouquets and learn all about table arrangements and styling.

The four-week long course starts on 10 July, 4 September and 30 October. The cost is £5200 with a £500 deposit required to secure your place.