The trend of going to hotels, pub, bar or nightclub for even a small celebration is increasing. People are not looking for any special occasion to visit such places. It has been casual to visit these places even daily for some people. Due to this change in lifestyle, the business of hotels and nightclubs has caught a boom in last 8-10 years.

People go to such places to relax and chill out. Itis observed that more than 90% of people visiting nightclubs prefer liquor. Their main objective is to have few drinks so that they feel relaxed. That is why nightclubs have to maintain a good stock of most brands and types of liquor. They want to serve their customers better without giving any chance to complain about the services.

It is good that they care about their customers. But they should also be aware that if they are serving liquor, then it is mandatory to have a Liquor Liability Insurance. Let us see why this Liquor Liability Insurance or Night club insurance is so important.

It is considered that any establishment (hotel, bar, pub or nightclub) that either serves or sells liquor should have insurance. Night club insurance Houston is important as it covers all the injuries or property loss caused due to someone who is drunk and out of his/her control.

The chances of such incidents are very high in such places. However, as a matter of fact, the one who caused all the damage or injuries should be made to compensate for it. But it is also the liability of the establishment that is serving liquor to such people.

The liquor liability Insurance is very necessary as sometimes the liability claims are too costly to be afforded by the establishment that sells or serves alcohol. Let us see few examples of scenarios which can result in liability claims. For example:

  1. If a person had consumed too much alcohol in a pub and then he is driving back to his/her home in his/her car. On the way to home, he/she bumps the car into a person crossing the road causing thedeath of that person. In this case, the family of thevictim will sue the establishment and the person driving the car. This claim could be very expensive.
  2. Similarly, if any establishment is serving alcohol in theparty and two people indulge them in a fight after getting drunk. If this fight causes injuries or damages, then party organizer can sue the establishment that served the alcohol.

These are very common examples. There are many insurance companies that provide this liquor liability insurance. This is very useful for such establishments. In the US almost all such establishments have this insurance. The insurance companies ensure that the establishment is not selling alcohol illegally. If that is the case, then insurance policies will not be in effect. Apart from it, these establishments should take some preventive measures as well. For example, they may train their employees not to serve more alcohol the person who cannot take it anymore.