Mobile devices have been around for a long time now, but there are still many kinks that need to be worked out. One of these is filling out forms. Mobile devices, including Android devices, still have a tough time handling this relatively simple task. Many bugs are encountered when attempting to fill out forms on an Android device. Also, different devices sometimes display the same forms differently. This can be a big problem for somebody who is using a phone that is new to them. Another issue often encountered by users of Android phones is forms that are not optimized for mobile users, which may even be impossible to fill out on a mobile device.

Bugs encountered when filling out forms

Users of mobile phones often run into many bugs when attempting to fill out various forms. Some of these bugs are simply annoying, such as issues that require users to zoom in or out on their screen to see the form. Others, however, can be serious. Many forms, for example, will let a user fill them out but not submit the form. This can happen even with forms that are supposed to be mobile-optimized, especially if you’re on an Android and the form has been optimized for iPhone or vice-versa.

The same forms displaying differently 

Often, the same forms will look different on different devices. This is a problem, because a user on a device that they are not familiar with may fill out the form incorrectly. Many people trying to fill out forms either have a relatively new device or are using somebody else’s device. If they are trying to fill out a payment form for an online store, for example, and they don’t recognize the form, they may not buy the item. This can cost online store owners a great deal of money.

Forms not being mobile-optimized

The first piece of advice that any website owner gets in this day and age is to optimize everything for mobile. Unfortunately, some people either don’t listen or decide not to follow this advice. As previously mentioned, forms that are not mobile-optimized may not be usable by people on mobile phones. This may completely break the website for mobile users if the website is built around filling out forms. A forum is an example of one such website.

New software solutions

Thankfully, there are solutions to these programs readily available. One of these programs can allow website owners to create mobile-optimized customizable forms in minutes. These forms can even be changed based on which mobile device is accessing them, so they display properly for everybody. Now, creating powerful and effective Android forms is easier than before.