A startup company always need some help from outside experts that can help or guide any company to become a big time company. These firms help the startup companies or small companies by doing their work on their behalf. This gives the small business enough time to focus more on their business rather than focusing on some side works such as maintaining the registers and accounts of the companies.

What is a corporate secretary firm?

A company secretary firm is a firm whose duties are ensuring the integrity of government rules and regulations, efficient working of the administration of a company, regulating the work and the updates and implementing the changes as made by the board of directors. These firms also provide advices which will be beneficial for your company. They implement the new rules, regulation and the decision of the board of directors. It is their duty to let everyone know about the changes of the company. These firms also handles companies share and make changes in them accordingly. These changes can be issuing the new shares arranging dividends, and observing the legal requirements.

What is an accounting firm?

Accounting firm is a company or a firm that provides accounting services to its clients or customers. These firms specialize in handling accounts, client’s payroll, auditing or just advisory services to their clients. They provide bookkeeping services to their client which includes account receivable and account payable, taxes, ledger entries, bank reconciliation, and monthly general accounts report. These firms also help their clients in creating budget, preparing local or state tax returns, financial statements, and business audit and valuation services. They also monitors depreciation in company’s financial growth, helps the client as well as company to make the cash flow between them smooth and easier. They also provide many beneficial advice which can help your company in many ways.