Being a women is not easy. Most men will say it differently but the writers and publishers of Bridal Guide are mostly all men. Looking into Bridal Guide magazine, ValueMags has realized that the majority of the magazine articles they publish are not always about brides but about all things women, including that time of the month that every women has to incur. Bridal Guide is directed to young women that are planning their special days but that are also planning their lives and everything involved in planning their lives.

One of the articles in the most recent issue on Bridal Guide explains ValueMags is about how women’s bodies incur a much harder process than men. In this article, men tested an oral birth control pill that was similar to the ones that females take. The contraceptive made them feel a whole bunch of symptoms and emotions. The men were experiencing pain in their lower abdomen, had mood swings for about a week, were experiencing headaches and severe migraines, and many other symptoms. This means that men are experiencing the same symptoms women have been experiencing for decades. The article wen ton to discuss a bunch of other issues related to women and men afterwards. This pill puts them on the same playing field. If every man had to take this contraceptive, what makes them any better than women then? Will women be perceived as stronger than men then? Will women be more respected when asked for a bathroom break or to sit down?

There are many questions that can be discussed when individuals are placed in the workplace. Being a women often means that they assume and take responsibility for certain roles without it being a discussion. Why can’t the man stay home and take care of the kids? Why can’t the man cook dinner or clean the house? Stereotypes are still very prominent in our society, we just don’t realize it anymore because people are so used to them.