Yes, those gunshots were real! The worst thing imaginable has begun. As so many have suffered lately, you are now involved with an active shooter. What you do next could well determine the fate of yourself and those around you.

Remaining calm is probably the most important thing to do during a shooting incident. However, few people can think rationally while bullets are flying in the vicinity. Usually, they panic and make things worse. For example, someone may scream, calling attention to their location and making the shooter engage them.

So, how can people learn to remain calm in a high-pressure, life or death situation? The answer, quite simply, is through practice, especially through an active shooter training online course.

Active Shooter Practice Drills

Active shooter drills are imperative for any company, household or organization. Everyone should be aware of what is expected of them when a shooting begins. This knowledge will help prevent a lot of bickering and misunderstandings over who is supposed to be the group leader.

A terrorist attack is not time the time to be arguing over roles. Get things straight during practice and stick with these decisions, as much as possible, when the real thing starts.

Work Out Kinks

Things will usually not go as well as they appear on paper. All of the grand ideas that the leadership planned out beforehand will have to be practiced to see if they really work. Then, if there are problems, which is common, the ideas can be scrapped or altered.

Also consider contingency plans. What if an expected escape route is unavailable during the real event? Without an alternative route the group will be stuck. Get all of these details worked out during practice to help everyone stay calm during an actual attack.

Gain Confidence

This society is unfortunately becoming more violent each passing year. Shooting incidents and other terrorist attacks have made most people anxious about life. They wonder whether they will be the next person killed in an incident. They worry whether their children will be attacked at school.

Active shooter drills are a way of giving individuals a greater sense of confidence. Participants begin to perceive of themselves as empowered rather than victims. A lot of anxiety dissipates as a result.

Start Preparing Now

As seen here, active shooter drills play an important role in increasing the odds of surviving a violent attack.

One of the best ways to get started is by undergoing active shooter training online. This method allows workplaces, schools and households to learn the fundamentals of self-defense at their convenience.

Get started now because recent events have shown that mass shootings are not going to stop anytime soon.